Superyou. Super accessible.

Superyou supports people with disability by helping them access the most appropriate vehicle modifications to suit their individual needs. We take great pride in offering comprehensive driving assessments, rehabilitation and training services across the Perth Metro area, focusing on inclusivity and accessibility for all.

Occupational therapy

The Superyou Fleet

Accessibility features:

Slide boards

Rotating cushions

Postural cushions

Car access straps

Panoramic and blind spot mirrors

Handy bars

Car 1

Car 3

Fadiel Italiana Wireless Satellite Accelerator

Fadiel Italiana Trigger Accelerator and Brake Lever

Fadiel Italiana Ergonomic Radial Accelerator and Brake Lever

Fadiel Italiana Easy Drive

Fadiel Italiana variety of spinner knobs including standard ball grip

Fadiel Italiana Left Foot Accelerator

Fadiel Italiana CL007 electronic spinner knob

Lodgesons range of electronic spinner knobs

Ultimate Freedom.