Young Adult Connect

Young Adult Connect is a group designed to provide a safe and fun environment to develop friendships and practice social skills (e.g. social communication, speaking to new people, reading body language, using facial expressions, understanding unspoken social rules and boundaries, choosing topics of conversation etc)!

We welcome participants who are 20+, and have goals related to building and maintaining friendships, developing social communication skills, and exploring dating relationships.

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Adults aged 20+ only



All sessions run from 2-4pm

Thurs 11 Jan

Thurs 18 Jan

Thurs 25 Jan

Thurs 1 Feb


Total of $969.95 per client.

You may choose to miss a session; however, you will still be charged the full term price. Please note that it is essential to complete registration and sign the service agreement before starting sessions.

Funding: You can utilise your NDIS plan (improved daily living) or fund the sessions privately.