Introducing the Superyou Clinician Scholarship

Unlock Your Potential.

Welcome to the Superyou Clinician Scholarship! 

At Superyou Therapy, we believe in empowering new clinicians to unlock their full potential and become the best versions of themselves. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the Superyou Clinician Scholarship, an exclusive opportunity for students to receive comprehensive support to enhance their skills and pave the way for a successful future. 

A total of two (2) scholarships are available.

Each scholarship includes the following benefits

🔸 5 hours of 1 to 1 mentoring: Gain invaluable guidance from our Senior Clinicians, helping you navigate your academic and professional journey.

🔸 $3,000 Grant for Training: Invest in yourself with a generous grant to spend on training, courses or workshops relevant to your field, courses, or workshops of your choice. This can include flights and accommodation to interstate/statewide training.

🔸 Apple iPad and a $500 apple store voucher with a list of recommended therapy apps from our clinicians: Access the latest technology and enhance your learning experience

🔸 $1,000 Cash: Receive a financial boost to support your educational and personal needs.

🔸 A suite of internal Training Sessions: Immerse yourself in a comprehensive series of training sessions at Superyou valued at $8,000, designed to develop your skills, broaden your horizons, and prepare you for a grand entrance to the workforce when you graduate.

As a Superyou Scholar, you will gain access to a range of incredible benefits. Firstly, you’ll receive personalized mentoring from our Senior Clinicians who will guide and inspire you throughout your educational journey. Our mentors are seasoned professionals who will provide invaluable insights and advice tailored to your goals and aspirations.

In addition, we are awarding a generous grant of $3,000 to be spent on training programs of your choice. Our team will support you to access evidence based and neurodiverse affirming training, to enhance your skills in your areas of clinical interest.

As technology is an integral part of modern education and is also widely used for specific therapy interventions, we are also including an iPad to support your learning endeavours. With its versatility and countless educational apps, the iPad will be a valuable tool to enhance your studies and unlock new possibilities.

To further enhance your digital experience, we are providing a $500 Apple Store voucher. This allows you to explore a wide range of educational resources, productivity tools, and entertainment options to complement your learning journey.

Moreover, we understand that financial support is crucial for students. That’s why we are awarding a cash prize of $1,000, which can be used to cover educational expenses or invest in your personal development.

To top it all off, as a Superyou Scholar, you’ll gain access to a suite of training sessions valued at $8,000. These sessions cover a variety of subjects, including neurodiverse affirming and family centred practice, assistive technology in the NDIS, emotional intelligence, cultural awareness, positive behaviour support and much more. You’ll acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to hit the ground running following your studies.

The Superyou Scholarship is a life-changing opportunity to kickstart your journey towards success. Don’t miss out on this chance to receive mentoring, a $3,000 training grant, an iPad, a $500 Apple Store voucher, $1,000 cash, and a suite of training sessions valued at $8,000. Apply now and unlock your true potential!

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