This Guide outlines the key information you need to know about our Service Agreement.

The following Service Agreement Guide should be read in conjunction with the following documents:

Our Service Agreement is a contract between you and Superyou Therapy. It is important you understand the Service Agreement before signing it.

We understand some of the words in the Service Agreement are complex and technical, but these are there to ensure you funding is used correctly. Please ask a Superyou team member if you need any assistance to understand the Service Agreement.

Superyou Therapy requires a signed Service Agreement before we can commence services with you.

Our Service Agreement ensures that you and Superyou Therapy have the same understanding of the supports you’ll receive, and the way we will deliver them.

By signing our Service Agreement, you agree to all the information provided within the Service Agreement and the information provided within our Terms and Conditions.

Only sign your Service Agreement once you have fully understood all the information provided in both documents.

Our Service Agreement includes important information on:

  • The costs of our services
  • Travel costs
  • Our cancellation policy
  • How to provide feedback, complaints and resolve disputes.

Our Terms and Conditions provides additional information on:

  • Payment terms & invoicing
  • Confidentiality & privacy
  • Services we are required to deliver according to NDIA requirements
  • How to withdraw services from us

Expectations of each other

Superyou will:

  • Deliver high-quality services in a style that suits you
  • Check in with you regularly to ensure our services are meeting your needs
  • Meet all mandatory NDIA requirements in the process
  • Take appropriate steps to reduce risks to you when services are being delivered

You will:

  • Tell us as soon as your needs change
  • Tell us about other providers you work with, so we can plan services accordingly
  • Not drink alcohol, smoke or use illegal drugs when we have a scheduled appointment
  • Ensure your immediate environment (home) is safe for us
  • Keep up to date with paying invoices or nominate someone to pay on your behalf
  • Tell us if you would like to nominate someone to make decisions on your behalf

Ending the Service Agreement

  • If you or Superyou Therapy wishes to end the Service Agreement, we both agree to give four (4) weeks’ notice to the other party in writing (this includes emails)
  • Superyou may need to end the Service Agreement without notice if we are no longer able to provide services to you for any reason
  • If your funding ends for any reason, and you do not let us know about your new funding arrangements (e.g., a new NDIS Plan) we will stop providing services within four (4) weeks

Changing the Service Agreement (Amendments)

  • The Service Agreement can be changed if both parties consent to the change
  • The Service Agreement can be amended without a signature approval, but a copy of the changes will be emailed to you afterwards
  • A period of 10 days notice is required in most circumstances to amend the Service Agreement, but some circumstances greater more notice. Please consult the Terms and Conditions for more details

Information and privacy

  • Your personal information will be kept safe and not shared with anyone without your permission, unless we are required by law (i.e., if we believe you or others are at risk)

Resolving problems

  • If you have any problems or concerns with the services we provide you, please contact us so we can work together to find a solution
  • If you are not happy with the outcome, you can contact an independent person to advocate on your behalf. We are committed to finding a solution which suits everyone

Telling us your feedback

Your feedback is important to us – whether it’s good or not.

We set very high standards for ourselves, and want every experience you have with us to be positive. However, there may be times we don’t meet our high standards.

If you are dissatisfied with any element of our services, we encourage you, your representative, your family, or your guardian to let us know.

We also encourage you to provide us with feedback on what we’re doing well! This helps us continue to provide the best possible services to our clients.

You can provide your feedback, compliments, concerns, or complaints in a number of ways:

Alternately, you could go direct to the NDIS website.

Anonymous or confidential feedback

If you wish to give confidential or anonymous feedback, please call us on 08 6253 4700. You will be redirected to the appropriate person and will not be asked for your personal details.