Animal Assisted Therapy

Superyou Therapy is an NDIS registered provider of Animal Assisted Therapy in the Perth metro area.

Our Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) program is one of the very few AAT services offered in Western Australia!

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What is Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT)?

Animal-assisted therapy, also known as AAT, is a type of therapy where a trained clinician incorporates an animal into therapy plans as a way to support clients of all ages achieve their functional independence goals.

Our program has been designed to support clients achieve their therapy goals across a number of different areas to support their development.

AAT is usually provided over several sessions as part of a person’s NDIS plan.

Here at Superyou Therapy, AAT services are provided by our occupational therapist, Ash, and her therapy dog, Koda at our Superyou hubs in the Perth metro area.

The foundation of Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT)

AAT is deeply rooted in the theory of attachment.  

It’s founded on the understanding that humans, like many animals, are instinctively inclined to seek out physical contact and emotional connection to figures with whom they become familiar with, and come to rely on for psychological, physical and emotional support.

The development of a secure attachment with the client and the therapy dog within therapy sessions is crucial for the success of the therapy goals and intervention. 

AAT at Superyou Therapy

Our AAT services will be led by occupational therapists alongside trained therapy dogs, like Koda.  

AAT sessions will be designed to help clients achieve their therapeutic goals in:  

  • Emotional regulation 
  • Social participation 
  • Gross & fine motor skills 
  • Communication skills 
  • Pretend play 
  • Turn-taking 
  • Self-care 
  • and more! 

Animal Assisted Therapy assists in:

  • Emotional regulation by providing a calming effect during sessions, supporting emotional regulation strategies or providing a platform to demonstrate emotional regulation
  • Increasing motivation for clients to engage in therapy. Therapy dogs are used as a tool for engagement during sessions and are incorporated into functional activities.
  • Gross and fine motor tasks development including motor planning and sequencing through play.
  • Social skills development by understanding body language and social cues, turn-taking, waiting and listening.
  • Play and communication skill development by encouraging clients to communicate their wants and needs through words or other means.
  • Social and pretend play skills development through engaging the therapy dog in imaginative play and role play.
  • Self-care and care of others. This may include learning skills like dressing, feeding, routines and other self-care tasks.

The Benefits of AAT

  • Therapy dogs provide a happy, non-judgmental interaction that can make it easier for clients open-up and engage with therapy.
  • Animals in therapy often ‘normalise’ a social situation, providing people with a conversation starter and common ground to begin the rapport-building process.
  • Therapy dogs have been described as a ‘social icebreaker’ and a social lubricant between humans. This provides at platform to break down barriers and increase occupational engagement.
  • Clients who feel bonded and comfortable around a therapy dog in sessions experience neurochemical and hormonal reactions including an increase in oxytocin and decrease in cortisol levels enabling emotional regulation and reduced stress responses.

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