AUthentic Autism Assessments At Superyou Therapy

Superyou Therapy provide neuroaffirming, AUthentic autism assessments in-person at our Perth clinics and via telehealth to kids and adult clients!

What is Autism?

Autism is a neurotype; a developmental condition that includes differences in the structure and function of a person’s brain, creating a different way of working for that person.

Every autistic person experiences and interacts with the world in their own unique way. At Superyou, our strengths-based approach focuses on the positives of being a unique individual with autism.

As we like to say, if you’ve met one autistic person, you’ve met one autistic person! Everyone is different.

Receiving an autism diagnosis enables kids and adults with autism to access better help and support that empowers them to live their lives to the fullest.

⚡Service Spotlight⚡

  • An autism diagnosis enables kids & adults with autism to access better help & support that empowers them to live their lives to the fullest.

  • Our specialist team promotes a neurodiverse affirming approach that priorities our client’s individual strengths & differences.

  • We accept self-referrals, as well as referrals from GPs & other allied health professionals.
  • Assessment costs (payment plans available):

    Comprehensive (SP & Psych) – $3999

    Single (SP or Psych) – $2399

    We review all referrals to inform you if you need a single or comprehensive assessment.

  • Appointments available via telehealth or in one of our Perth clinics

  • In-person & telehealth clients receive diagnostic reports within 4 weeks after assessment.

What’s the Purpose of an Autism Assessment?

The primary purpose of an autism assessment is to determine whether a person meets the criteria for autism.

Receiving a formal diagnosis is another step in the journey of understanding someone better, whether that someone is you, your child or a loved one!

It also helps you gather valuable insights into their strengths and the support requirements they need across various settings, like school, work and home.

AUthentic Assessments at Superyou

Autism assessments at Superyou involve a team of diagnostic specialists made up of highly experienced psychologists and speech pathologists.

Our team meet with an individual and use a range of different methods and tools to support that individual in exploring whether they meet an autism diagnosis.

Our specialist team conducts autism assessments in a neurodiverse affirming way that prioritises each client’s individual strengths and differences.

This authentic approach incorporates a whole person perspective to our autism assessments, empowering clients with a report that provides the most accurate results and ideal recommendations that best suit them and their needs.

From referral to report:
Receiving an autism assessment in 5 steps

Step 1

Complete Online Referral

To get started, simply fill out our online assessment form for yourself or someone else.

Referrals aren’t required to access our assessments; however we do accept them if you have one from your GP or other allied health professional!

Step 2

Pre-Assessment Meeting

Next, a Superyou Client Relationship Officer will arrange a pre-assessment meeting so we can receive necessary information.

You can choose face-to-face in Perth, or via telehealth for those in other states!

Step 3

Interview & Assessment

Then, our diagnostic team will meet you face-to-face or via telehealth for formal assessment.

Our specialist team consider individual differences and strengths, to ensure the most accurate assessment outcome.

Step 4

Finalising Diagnostic Report

Once the assessment is finished, our team will analyse, score and interpret the assessment into a diagnostic report before sending it through to you and/or your referrer for review.

Step 5

Optional Feedback Session

After an autism assessment, you may have questions. So we offer an optional feedback session with our diagnostic specialists, where you can ask questions about the report and our recommendations.

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Meet our specialist diagnostics team

Fiona Grahame


What is the most meaningful part of working in autism assessments for you?

Helping autistic people and their loved ones gain greater insight into who they are, which hopefully leads to self-awareness & compassion, and a life that aligns with their personal values.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned as a clinician specialising in autism assessments?

Our knowledge of autism has changed dramatically in the 20 years since I began my career. I’m excited that health professionals are now collaborating with the autistic community to further develop our understanding of autism and how to best support autistic people.

Rachel Bendtsen

Speech Pathologist

What’s the most profound, insightful, or interesting thing you’ve learned as a clinician specialising in autism assessments?

I love that this area is always going through growth and learning, there is always something new to learn about autistic people and their lived experiences.

There is still quite a way to go in the assessment of autism, however, this more recent shift from a medical model to being strengths-based has been exciting.

What is the most meaningful part of working in Autism Diagnostics for you?

Supporting families and individuals at the beginning of their journey. I love discovering each individual’s strengths through assessment, as well as the strengths of the family, and helping them with meaningful recommendations.


Many parents, caregivers and individuals find it challenging to identify the signs and behaviours that might require further exploration for Autism, particularly because they are so varied among autistic people.

And the toughest part is hearing that there is no exact way to know if assessment is needed! However, some guidelines can include noticing persistent patterns of behaviour such as difficulty with social interactions, repetitive behaviours, or challenges with communication.

Autism assessments can vary, and you may find different diagnosis services offer different processes. This can confuse clients trying to seek support, which is why we are actively trying to combat that through our transparent process and authentic approach!

Our specialist team will prepare clients with as much knowledge and information as possible, so no stage of the process comes as a surprise.

While face-to-face or telehealth assessments may differ in delivery, typically clients can expect a pre-assessment meeting where we will invite them to share concerns, reports from other providers and some information on the person being assessed.

This is followed by an assessment session, where our specialist team will meet with the client and their caregiver to observe and identify whether Autism is present or not. Some cases may require additional areas of observation, such as in a daycare or school setting.

We ensure all observations are performed with empathy, compassion and authenticity with the main goal being to ensure the client is supported and comfortable to just be themselves!

The cost of an autism assessment will be either:

Comprehensive assessment with SP and Psych – $3999


Single Assessor Assessment with SP or Psych – $2399

We will advise you if you need both assessors or just one during the initial stages.

To support more accessible assessments, we offer the following payment plans:

Option 1 – Two payments totalling $3999. 

  • 1 x payment of $2000 prior to booking in your first appointment
  • 1 x payment of $1999 after the first appointment and prior to report release. 

Option 2 – Four payments totalling $3999. 

  • 1 x payment of $500 prior to booking in your first appointment 
  • 1 x payment of $1499 after the first appointment and prior to the team beginning the report
  • 2 x payments of $500 after the team begins the report and prior to report release
Depending on the outcome of the assessment, clients may need to access necessary support services, NDIS enquiries, therapy options and other supports. We aim to offer a high level of after-assessment support to our clients to ensure they’re supported both throughout the assessment process and afterwards too!

At Superyou, we use the Monteiro Interview Guidelines for Diagnosing the Autism Spectrum (MIGDAS-2); a sensory-based approach to diagnosing autism and the most neuroaffirming autism diagnostic tool currently available, or the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS-2); a semi-structured, play-based (depending on age) assessment tool.

There may also be cognitive or language assessments if required, but we will advise this on a case-by-case basis.

The assessment process is subject to waitlists and availability, however if we conduct your assessment face-to-face at one of our Perth clinics, we will aim to schedule all appointments within one day. We find this is the best approach to ensure clients aren’t needing to try and schedule a number of appointments into their calendar, and it allows for the entire process to be done much quicker!

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