NDIS Early Childhood Intervention

Superyou Therapy is an NDIS registered provider of early intervention services in the Perth metro area. With hubs in Cannington (central), Fremantle (south), and Wanneroo (north), you can come to our clinics, or we can travel to you. Our therapists can deliver early childhood intervention at the child’s home, school, or day care.

At Superyou Therapy, we recognise the important role parents and family members play in their child’s success. We are committed to working with families to explore new ways to best supporting their children.

At Superyou Therapy, we’ll work in partnership with you and your family to achieve the best outcomes for your child.

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What is early intervention?

Early childhood intervention services (shortened to ‘early intervention’) are designed to support young children, to enable them to have the best possible start in life.

Children learn best in their natural learning environments, which includes at home, in the community, and educational centres. Research shows that learning skills in a natural environment is more effective than practising a new skill in an isolated setting once or twice a week (Case-Smith & Holland, 2009; Dunst et al.,2010).

As a result, we work with you to ensure we are using opportunities to provide services based around the natural learning environments of your child, such as everyday activities and routines in your home.

Early Childhood Intervention

Neurodiversity affirming practises

At Superyou Therapy we acknowledge that all children have differences in their abilities and how they process and interact with the world around them. We do not consider these to be deficits that need to be “fixed”. Rather, we believe the world should be accepting of people’s differences in how they think, learn, process, and perceive information.

Examples of neurodiversity include: Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, and so much more! Our goal in therapy is to support children with neurodiversity to understand some of their innate behaviours and what we can do to help them function and remain comfortable in various situations. We don’t want to change your child; we want to help those around them understand and accommodate the supports they need to succeed.

Collaborative teamwork practises

To best support your child and family, Superyou Therapy values an inclusive and integrated teamwork approach. Our therapists will work closely with you to determine your current family and community support networks. We collaborate with all key stakeholders, to ensure a holistic approach to your services. We recognise that every child has the right and need to participate in their family and community. Key stakeholders may include:

  • Health professionals (e.g. general practitioners, audiologists, psychologists, music therapists)
  • Staff at day care centres and schools
  • Other community programs (e.g. playgroups, swimming lessons)
  • NDIS support coordinators
  • Support workers

If you would like further information on other local service providers, please talk to your Superyou Therapy team.

Your family

Your family & culture

The Superyou Therapy team has the privilege of supporting families from a range of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. We will always acknowledge and adjust the way we deliver services to demonstrate respect for your family’s beliefs, traditions, and cultural identity. We recognise the importance of emotional development and attachment security for children with disability or developmental delay.

Our focus is to support and strengthen family relationships in ways that build security and facilitate mutual enjoyment, so your child can participate meaningfully in everyday family activities. Through awareness, understanding, and continued learning, we aim to support your child to be involved in the everyday activities that are important to your family.

Family-centred services

Superyou Therapy recognises the importance of involving your whole family when supporting your child. We value a whole-of-family approach, which considers the needs of all family members, as well as the needs of your child.

We work in partnership you, to identify the individual strengths, needs and priorities of your family. Each support plan is based on the choice and control of your child and family. We recognise and respect that as parents, you are experts on your child, and we work in partnership with you to share information equally and plan for your child’s future. By adopting a family centred approach, it means your child can reach their potential and achieve better outcomes.

How will Superyou Therapy support you?

Our therapists work with your family and caregivers to develop a flexible and individualised early childhood intervention service to suit the needs and circumstances of your child and family. We do this by:

  • Investing time in understanding the story of your child and family
  • Assessing your child’s development, to identify areas of strength and areas that require support
  • Achieving collaborative goal setting by working together to reflect on the concerns and priorities of your family
  • Having an ongoing, team approach between primary caregivers, your family, and therapists
  • Empowering you as the primary caregiver and encouraging you to make informed decisions
  • Utilising your child’s participation in daily routines to target therapy goals
  • Promoting your child’s learning in their natural learning environment with their everyday communication partners

NDIS Management Options


If your NDIS plan is agency-managed (sometimes referred to as NDIA-managed) your providers (e.g. Superyou Therapy) will claim directly from your NDIS plan for the services they deliver. You can only access services from providers who are registered with the NDIS. This is the easiest option for families and individuals who are only accessing services through one provider (e.g. Superyou Therapy).


Participants who self-manage their NDIS funds are responsible for paying providers directly for services received, submitting payment requests online via the myplace portal, and keeping records and receipts of supports purchased with NDIS funds. If you choose to self-manage your NDIS plan, you will be required to pay for Superyou Therapy appointments on the day of service and will receive a receipt for claiming via the myplace portal. Once a payment request has been submitted, you will be reimbursed from your NDIS plan, generally within 24 to 48 hours.


Plan-managing involves support from a third party or financial intermediary organisation to manage your NDIS funds. Your plan manager will be responsible for managing your NDIS funds, such as submitting payment claims, paying provider invoices, keeping track of spending, and completing financial reporting requirements. Before you
can access NDIS funds, you will need to select a plan-management provider and enter into a service agreement with them. Additional funding will be allocated within your NDIS plan to pay your plan management provider. Once you have chosen a plan-management provider, you should let Superyou Therapy know who you have chosen
to ensure all future invoices are forwarded to them for payment.

Do I need a referral?

No referral is needed for our NDIS Early Intervention. Early intervention services are funded from your NDIS capacity-building budget.

We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality services that meet every client’s needs.  If you’d like to discuss how we can tailor our services to help you achieve your goals, you can contact us online, via phone on 08 6263 8623, or email us at hello@superyou.org.au!

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