Complex home modifications

Our occupational therapists offer many specialist services, one of which is NDIS complex home modifications in Perth.

Superyou Therapy is an NDIS registered provider of Occupational Therapy in the Perth metro area. With hubs in Cannington (central), Fremantle (south), and Wanneroo (north), our team of therapists can travel to your home, school, or workplace in the metro area.

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What are home modifications?

Home modifications are any changes to your existing home, which improve its accessibility for people with disability.

For example: installing a grab rail next to the toilet or widening a doorframe so a person using a wheelchair can fit through it.

Home modifications fall into two categories, minor home modifications and complex home modifications.

Minor home modifications

Minor home modifications are those which cost less than $20,000 or those that don’t alter the structural parts of the home (walls).

Complex home modifications

Complex home modifications are those which cost more than $20,000 or those which involve changing the structure of your home, i.e., knocking down a wall to increase the size of an existing room.

Examples of complex home modifications

  • Enlarging a room space for wheelchair and/or other equipment use
  • Creating a level access shower so that a person can wheel straight into the shower space
  • Having a ceiling hoist installed so the client can move out of bed
  • Widening doorways to make negotiating narrow doorways easier
  • Installing complex ramps or platform lifts for safe and independent access to the home
  • Kitchen modifications to improve independence and safety with meal preparation
  • Home automation – automated doors, lighting, power control, climate control, etc to improve independence with environmental control.

What is the process for complex home modifications?

  1. An OT assesses your home and your level of function to determine need for minor or complex home modifications
  2. OT makes recommendations in a report to recommend complex home modifications (CHM)
  3. Once approved by NDIS – CHM OT will complete a home visit to determine appropriate modifications
  4. CHM OT and Project Manager will then work together to complete drawings, scope of works and costings
  5. CHM OT will complete complex home modification report and submit all documentation to NDIS
  6. Once approved by NDIS – Project Manager will organise quotes from builders and submit to NDIS for approval
  7. Works commence – Project manager oversees works are completed according to CHM OT’s plans
  8. Project manager and CHM OT review final modifications

What people and skills are required for complex home modifications?

Many people are required to complete complex home modifications including:

  1. The client/you – we need to know how to meet your needs and what your preferences are
  2. An occupational therapist – they will make recommendations for what home modifications are required for you
  3. Building Works Project Manager- they will work with your occupational therapist to design modifications that are safe, functional, and match your personal preferences
  4. Builder or contractor- they are responsible for carrying out the modifications according to the design and ensuring that the modifications meet building standards and regulations
  5. Construction specialists- depending on the type of construction plumbers, electricians or specialist carpenters may be required
  6. The NDIS, who provide funding for the Complex Home Modification process and works

The timeline for complex home modifications

Complex home modifications often involve multiple stages, which require NDIS approval and a number of professionals, trades, and services to be coordinated. When organising these modifications, it’s important to be aware that there can be an extended timeframe for builders to complete the work. Your Complex Home Modification OT will work with you during this process so that you’re fully informed.

How much will complex home modifications cost from my NDIS plan?

The cost will vary depending on the modifications you require. The cost of an OT complex home modifications assessor is $193.33 per hour. This funding will come from your capacity-building budget.

The cost of the actual modifications including tradespeople will come from your capital support budget once home modifications are approved in your plan.

We generally state 20 OT hours to complete the complex home modifications, however, this can vary depending on the complexity of the modifications.

Complex Home Modification in Perth FAQ

1) If you have complex home modifications included in your NDIS plan, you need to use them within 12 months.

There are many reasons why complex home modifications don’t happen quickly. Your Complex Home OT will work with you to ensure that funding continues over to your next NDIS plan. So the answer is no, you do not have to use them within 12 months, and can roll over into the next plan.

2) Can any OT can do my complex home modifications

Not just any occupational therapist can do a complex home modification in Perth. The NDIS website states that a home modifications assessor is an occupational therapist with skills to provide detailed and complex home modifications assessments.

The NDIA expects that a home modifications assessor required for Category B minor home modifications and complex home modifications should demonstrate:

  • Professional qualifications and meet the registration requirements as an occupational therapist
  • A good understanding of the scope and purpose of the NDIS, particularly as it relates to the goals and use of supports in a participant’s plan to achieve agreed outcomes
  • Successful completion of post-graduate education and/or training specifically on the assessment, specification, and implementation of complex home modifications that may include at least one of the following:
    • Occupational Therapy Australia peer-reviewed education and/or training on Complex Home Modification
    • Associate Member or above of the Association of Consultants in Access Australia (ACAA) – professional credential
    • Successful completion of Nationally Recognised Training modules CPPACC4020 and CPPACC5016
    • Employment at Senior Clinician level specifically responsible for Complex Home Modification assessment.
    • NDIS registered providers who successfully completed NDIA-authorised training in Complex Home Modification assessment during the trial phase of the NDIS prior to 30 June 2016.

Do I need a referral?

At Superyou Therapy, our NDIS occupational therapy services in Perth are available for everyone. No referral is needed. OT services are funded from your NDIS capacity-building budget.

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