By Jordan-Tyla Cable and Sacha Pitcher.

This week is Speech Pathology Week, where we get to celebrate the profession we love, and the people we have the privilege of supporting.

This year’s theme is, ‘Good communication, better communities.’ You may be wondering, what does communication have to do with community? We’re glad you asked!

What does good communication, better communities mean?

Just as communication looks different for everyone, meaningful communities look different too. Communities represent the where, who, and when, of communication opportunities.

Evidence-based practice tells us that supporting individuals in their chosen environments is the most effective way to achieve goals and increase independence, so it follows then that these environments, or communities, should also consider the ‘how’ of communication; how will this person with a communication disability access this community? Perhaps it’s Sarah, who wants to try a new social or sporting club?  Maybe it’s Jackson, who wants to go to a new café and order a meal independently?

When our communities are not communication accessible, we are creating more barriers for people with communication disabilities, restricting their participation in meaningful daily activities, and inhibiting their independence.

How do speech pathologists improve communication accessibility and create better communities?

The answer is, we don’t! We talk to the experts – that’s you!

A large part of a speech pathologist’s role is recognising the important people and relationships that make up the communities around a person with a communication disability. Whether you are the immediate family member or caregiver of a person with a communication disability, the friend, the neighbour, the teacher, the sporting coach, the barista, the… (okay, we think you get the point), you are a key part of that person’s community.

How does Superyou provide community-based therapy for good communication?

At Superyou, we are incredibly lucky to have so many experienced speech pathologists from a diverse range of clinical backgrounds who are eager to get out of the office and into the communities of the people we support.

As a community-based therapy service, our speech pathologists can come to you to provide person-centred and flexible support, in the environment that works for you.

Superyou can support with:

  • Prescribing or implementing assistive technology in new environments
  • Building social communication skills
  • Providing personalised communication strategies and resources
  • Exploring and linking in with various community services
  • Providing professional development opportunities
  • And so much more…

The truth is, we all have a responsibility to ensure our communities are inclusive, respectful, and accessible for everyone. When we all work together to improve communication accessibility, we naturally create more inclusive, ‘better communities.’

If you’d like to know more about how Superyou speech pathologists can support you and your community, please contact us at or complete a referral here.