A groundbreaking partnership has been formed between international voice technology innovator
Voiceitt and local Perth disability technology provider Superyou Tech to give Australians with non-standard speech access to award winning Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered voice technology.

Voiceitt is the leading Automatic Speech Recognition App and Application Programming Interface (API) for people with non-standard speech, while Superyou Tech is a committed group of clinicians and technology professionals helping people across Australia get quality assistive and sensory technologies.

AI-powered software that does more than just dictation

There are an estimated 36,000 Australians in the National Disability Insurance Scheme with non-standard speech.

The companies said the partnership reflected their common mission to bring AI powered speech recognition technology to those Australians, allowing them to speak their mind and be understood at home, in education, and at work.

Translating non-standard speech into audio & text

Voiceitt’s powerful software for people with speech disabilities translates their non-standard speech into standardised audio and text outputs for both in-person and virtual communication. Superyou Tech is part of the Perth-headquartered PeopleKind Group, which has 70 years of history in the Australian disability sector.

“Superyou Tech is excited and proud to be the exclusive Australian partner for Voiceitt. We’re looking forward to making Voiceitt’s innovative technology easily available throughout Australia, as part of our mandate to help people with disabilities access their world.”

Nebojsha Franich, Superyou Managing Director, Superyou Tech

Building custom language models for each unique user

Woman in striped shirt and wheelchair being hugged by friend. Both smiling and happy.

Voiceitt uses AI and machine learning to build custom language models from each user’s unique way of speaking. The software interprets and converts speech to text and audio, which can be used to write texts and emails, participate in online meetings, and communicate in person.

The language models continue to adapt if the user’s speech patterns change.

The partnership with Superyou Tech, backed by one of Australia’s disability services leaders PeopleKind, significantly accelerates Voiceitt’s potential reach in Australia.

“Combining Voiceitt’s market-leading technology with Superyou Tech’s reach and expertise in Australia provides a significant boost for people struggling with non-standard speech and enables both our organizations to move closer towards our aligned missions.”

Pinni Ravel, Voiceitt Commercial Leader – Australia

Voiceitt has now launched in Australia and 30-day free trials of the technology can currently be accessed through Voiceitt and Superyou Tech.

For further information, please contact:

Liz Clinen
Superyou Therapy
Phone: 0492 858 146
Email: e_clinen@superyou.org.au
Website: www.superyou.org.au

About Superyou Tech

Superyou Tech was created by Superyou Therapy, a committed group of clinicians and assistive technology professionals who have decades of experience in supporting people with disability to live their best life.

As professional therapists, Superyou Tech understands the challenges clinicians and their clients face when it comes to sourcing the right assistive technology.

Superyou Tech offers top quality assistive and sensory technologies, shipping physical items to clinicians or clients within 2 to 5 business days from payment, or immediately for digital products. We don’t believe in making anyone wait for better access to their world.

On top of that, Superyou Tech offers free support to our customers, from dedicated clinical professionals who know assistive technology inside and out.