Superyou Therapy is a community-based provider of allied health services for people with disability.

This means that we provide services to our clients in their homes, at work, in school or in other community settings. While we have clinic rooms at our metropolitan hubs that can be used for therapy sessions, we always prefer to provide services to people in environments they are familiar with.

Why do we provide community-based therapy services?

There’s research evidence that backs up our approach.

This research indicates that people are more likely to use learnt strategies when it is modelled, practiced and carried out in familiar settings with familiar faces around, like at home or in school. (DHS & DEECD, 2012).

Community-based therapy is especially beneficial for children, as well as people who live in supported accommodation. In these settings, therapists are better able to provide ongoing education and support to families and carers, while adopting a family-centred and strengths-based approach.

So, what are benefits of community-based therapy?

There are lots of benefits to choosing community-based therapy! Here are a few examples:

  • You might organise for your Occupational Therapist to conduct a home visit and support you in developing independence in completing your showering routine.
Social skills
  • An Occupational Therapist and Speech Pathologist might arrange for a team meeting at your child’s school to discuss strategies, ideas and problem solve with your child’s Educational Assistant, Teacher and other support staff.
Community access
  • If you need support in learning how to catch the bus, the best way for us to support you is if we catch the bus together. Your Occupational Therapist can work with you to grade and adapt the task and break down any barriers to participation that you may have.
Supported independent living
  • If you live in supported accommodation, you may need your allied health team to come to your house and provide education and support to those who support you.
  • If you are looking at getting your driver’s licence and need assistance, one of our driver assessor Occupational Therapists can come out to your home and complete assessments, driver training and provide tailored support.
Home modifications
  • One of our Occupational Therapists may come to your home to complete a home assessment and prescription of home modifications. This can assist in supporting you to increase your independence within the home.
Gym and Hydrotherapy
  • One of our Physiotherapists can meet you at your local gym or pool to provide you with hydrotherapy and other exercises. Your Physiotherapist can work with you to implement and adjust exercises to help you with your range of movement or strength, depending on your needs.
  • Our allied health team can support you within your home to ensure you are eating and drinking safely. It’s important that your therapists can see you eating and drinking at your usual table and chair, to make sure you are well supported in your positioning, as well as explore other strategies you can use daily within your mealtimes.

 Want to know more?

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